How do I submit a support ticket and send screen shots if my router does not connect to the Internet?

In some cases you might want to submit a support ticket regarding your router not connecting to the Internet, so your PC connected to the router will be unable to access the Internet.

The easy way around this is to tether your laptop to your mobile phone so that you Laptop now has a WiFi connection to the Internet and a WIRED connection to the router. This means you can take screen shots of the router status pages, APN settings pages etc and then send these to the support team who can check your settings and help you with your support enquiry.

If you tether your PC to your mobile phone it will be worthwhile manually configuring your WIRED connection to your router so that your laptop does not keep trying to use the 3G/4G router as the default gateway.

You can view this on the following video – in this case we use an iphone as the internet connection and manually configure the laptop to connect to a GEM420 4G Router.

As the video shows you can then take the relevant screen shots (ALT & PRINT SCREEN) and then submit a support ticket at and PASTE your screen shot into the text box.