Fixed IP SIM Cards

Fixed IP SIM cards are a service that provides a 3G or 4G mobile broadband Internet service with a fixed IP address.  This means that you can easily connect to your 3G or 4G router because you know the IP address.

You can have a public IP address which means that you can access your 3G or 4G router from anywhere on the Internet – in this case you will need to ensure that your router has a robust firewall and maybe something like Stealth mode which is featured on the GEM420 and other 4G routers which hide your router IP address..

The other option is to have a Private Fixed IP Address SIM so you still get a fixed IP address but in order to access your router you will need to create a VPN from your PC to the Fixed IP SIM mobile network provider so you can access your devices securely over the VPN.  with a private IP SIM you router is not accessible publicly on the Internet.

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For Westlake Connect Fixed IP SIM card customers you can view some information about the Fixed IP SIM Card APN settings and 3G / 4G router configurations below.

Westlake Fixed IP SIM Cards APN Information including guide for Proroute H820 WRT and H685 WRT 3G / 4G Router APN configuration and port forwarding.


Fixed IP SIM

A Fixed IP SIM Card with a public IP address is the ideal way to provide remote access to your 4G router but you must be aware that your router is now accessible on the public internet so you must enable all the security features to prevent unauthorised access to your router.

For example you should change your router admin name and password, change your WiFi SSID and password and also disable services such as telnet and SSH if these are not being used and if they are being used then ensure that the passwords are changed to secure passwords. This will help provide a secure environment for your 4G router when using a Fixed IP SIM Card.

If you are using port forwarding you should also ensure that and device being connected to via port forwarding also has the security features enabled and configured to prevent unauthorised access.

eSIM Router with Fixed IP

Typically an eSIM router will not need a SIM card to be inserted into the router in order for the eSIM Router to be able to connect to the Internet over 4G. However you will need a Fixed IP eSIM service with a public IP address if you intend to connect to your router remotely.