GEM-2M Mobile Connection Guide

Proroute GEM2M Guide to configure APN settings and diagnose 3G/4G connection issues.

Getting connected to the 3G/4G Mobile Internet is pretty straight forward with the proroute GEM2M 4G Router.

  • Remove SIM cover plate and insert SIM Card – insert SIM into SIM holder, press down and slide and lock into place.
  • Connect both Cellular Antennas
  • Connect Power and wait for a few minutes for router to complete boot-up.

If you are using a Three Mobile SIM card or EE SIM Card then in most cases the router will automatically connect without any configuration.  But if your GEM-2M router does not connect then you will need to enter your SIM Card APN settings.  The video below shows you how to do this.

If you have entered your correct APN settings and the router does not connect then the video also shows you where you need to look to diagnose why the router is not connecting.

For example – check in the 3G/4G modem DETAILS page to confirm that the router can see the SIM Card – if you can’t see the SIM details – then power off the router and re-insert the SIM – it might be worthwhile checking the SIM card is LIVE by testing it in a mobile phone.

If your router can see the SIM then you need to check to see if it can see the mobile network – again in the DETAILS page.  If the router can see the SIM and the mobile network and you get a signal strength then the possible cause it is not connecting is because of incorrect APN settings or the SIM may be PIN protected.

At this stage you should contact your SIM provider who should be able to see the SIM attempting to connect to their network and tell you the reason that the connection is being rejected.

These routers tend to be used with Fixed IP SIM cards so your Fixed IP SIM provider should be able to check the connection and tell you the reason – it is usually down to an incorrect APN, user name or password.