RUT500 Configure APN settings for standard EE Data SIM

When using a standard EE data SIM with the Teltonika RUT500 you must change the APN settings in order for the router to connect to the EE network.

The standard APN for an EE SIM card is everywhere with a user name and password of eesecure / secure – but in many cases just the APN will suffice as you will see in the video below.

You will see in the video that once the APN has been correctly entered and saved then the router connects to the EE network and can access the internet.

Please note that you will be unable to use DDNS / Dynamic DNS with a normal EE SIM card because the EE network does not support DDNS becuase it will allocate your connection with a private IP address – this means that by using a standard EE Mobile Data SIM you will not be able to use port forwarding.  read about this by using DDNS with standard EE SIM.

If you need to use your Teltonika RUT500 for remote access and monitoring then we recommend using a Fixed IP SIM Card.  If you choose to use a fixed IP sim card with a public IP so it is easily accessible from anywhere on the Internet then we suggest restricting your remote admin access to the router to a single IP address or use the Teltonika RUT900 3G router or RUT950 or RUT955 4G Routers which have firewalls to provide security for your router and connected devices.

if your router does not connect then you will need to check that your SIM card is live – usually by testing it in another device.  if your SIM is working in another device and can access the internet then put your EE SIM card back into the RUT400 and you will see in the video above about which screen shots are required in order to submit a support ticket so that the support team can help you with your enquiry.

you can submit a support ticket at or email support at