Configure RUT950 APN settings for EE SIM – Jan 2017

Here is a quick video to show you how to configure the APN settings in the Teltonika RUT950 4G router.

This is an updated version for all routers shipped since Jan 2017 – you can tell if you have one of these because they have the industrial power connector and a Telit 4G module/

The standard APN settings for a contract EE Mobile Data 4G SIM card are:-

APN : everywhere
User Name : eesecure
Password : secure

However in most cases you can just use the APN of everywhere and it will connect without using the user name and password.

If you router does not connect then try ticking the use IPv4 only button and saving and applying.

If it still does not connect then check that your SIM card is live and it might be worthwhile checking it still has some data left – EE usually stop internet connection if you have reached your monthly data limit.

If it still does not connect then ask your SIM provider for the EXACT APN settings that apply to your SIM card and try these – the above APN is just a general one for guidance only – your SIM may have a new or different APN.

If it still does not connect then please email a screen shot of your APN settings page and your network status page to the support team or raise a ticket by visiting