5G Routers With SIM Slot

When searching for a 5G router you need to determine whether you mean a router with 5G WiFi or whether you mean a router with a 5G modem / 5G router with SIM slot. For 4G routers it was simple to search for a 4G router and you would get a list of correct results for 4G routers from manufacturers such as Huawei, Teltonika, Cradlepoint, D-Link, Billion, Proroute, Sierra Wireless, ADGT, Draytek, Perle, TP-Link, Microtik, Netgear or Technicolour. These all had embedded 4G modems and SIM slots so you could insert a 4G SIM card and get connected to the 4G network. Industrial grade 4G routers such as the Teltonika RUT950 were used for M2M applications such as remote monitoring and management, for example providing 4G CCTV Internet connectivity and some of these routers even has dual SIM slots, making them dual SIM 4G routers. This allowed the router to switch between the SIM cards, for example as a failover to the backup SIM in the event the primary network was unavailable.

Industrial 5G Router

Many M2M router manufacturers such as Teltonika, Sierra Wireless, Cradlepoint and Wlink manufacture a variety of Industrial grade, M2M 5G routers for remote access and monitoring. For example, the Wlink G930 5G router has an embedded 5G modem and delivers the high speed 5G Internet service to the LAN via Gigabit Ethernet ports and 802.11AC high speed WiFi. There is also a version of the G930 router that provides GPS location services so it can be installed as a vehicle 5G router.

When searching for 5G routers Google or other search engines will present lots of routers that do not even include a 5G mobile broadband connection because a standard ADSL router with dual band WiFi (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) is classed as a 5G router because the higher speed WiFi is called 5G wifi because of the frequency it uses. So it may be better to search for a 5G router using the search term “5G router with SIM Slot”. This way you can quickly limit your search to routers that use SIM cards rather than displaying routers that have 5G WiFi. You may find that the majority of 5G routers with SIM slot also have 5G WiFi becuase of the faster 5G mobile broadband speeds will need faster 802.11AC WiFi to deliver the faster 5G speeds over the WiFi hotspot for the devices to consume the data. Of course many industrial 5G routers with SIM slot will need a 5G Fixed IP SIM Card and ideally for applications such as 5G CCTV Internet connectivity it would be desirable to have an unlimited data fixed IP SIM card.

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